Montello Heel Manufacturing Inc. has been handcrafting custom shoe components for over a century.


Housed in the same building since 1908, Montello Heel Manufacturing, Inc. is a third-generation family business. The business name is derived from the area of the city it was founded upon and remains to this day. Montello Heel celebrated its 100th year in 2008.

Brockton, Massachusetts was known as the Shoe Capital of the United States in the early to mid-1900s. At its peak, there were 91 shoe factories in the city. Daniel Waldo Field, an accomplished merchant, distinguished farmer, and prominent shoemaker once owned the very building that Montello Heel is located in. In fact, the building has been a shoe component manufacturing plant since it opened its doors in the late 1890s. D.W. Field operated the shoe factory into the early 1900s. The popularity of the city attracted the attention of national leaders such leader as U.S. President William H.Taft. Taft's motorcade came thru Brockton on Centre Street on October 3,1912. To this day, D.W. Field has a public park and a golf course in Brockton named after him, and Montello Heel is the only heel manufacturer left in the city.
In the 1940s John Alden Pearson started working for Montello Heel. In 1956, when J.A. Pearson was superintendent of the factory, he was able to purchase the business, and it has proudly been Pearson owned since then. Today, Richard Pearson and son Brian Pearson answer every customer phone call and visit their customers across the country personally. The Pearsons are proud to know each of their employees by name, and, they work along side them every day. There is no job too small, or too dirty for anybody, with themselves included. As a matter of fact, fifteen percent of Montello Heel's employees have been with the company for over twenty years; most of the employees have each been with the company for more than five years. 

The motto on every box that leaves the factory is "Heels that fit since 1908". Made from only the finest natural leather or leatherboard only, Montello Heel's heels are ONLY on American made shoes, ice skates, cowboy boots, and work boots. Any American made men's shoes have Montello heels somewhere in their line of shoes. Our customers agree - "The World's Finest Footwear have Montello heels."

Montello Heel Mfg., Inc. custom makes the finest custom heels from the finest materials. Proudly made in the United States of America since 1908.


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